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Whether you are looking to drop in one day, every day, or jump into a Transformation Challenge, we have a plan to compliment your personal journey!

*Memberships are customized to suit your lifestyle, so start with a trial, experience your results,  get to know the Drench family, fall in love with your results, then schedule a consultation to create a plan for YOU!
We highly encourage a "lifestyle" approach, so we want to be sure we are a perfect fit for eachother. 
Afterall, when you love where you train, the more you will come,.... the quicker your results come!

Our approach is simple. We provide coaching, strong community, and incredible results. 
It's simple...

Limited Time Offer

28 Day StrongHER 


*WHAT TO EXPECT:  Significant weight loss & Body Toning and an opportunity to 

experience the value of Drench Fitness in your life!

*Once you experience your results, we will then asses your progress

and a coach will create a customized plan to fit your needs.

  • 12 SEMI PRIVATE Strength Training Sessions, inc. TRX & SPIN CYCLE sessions focusing on Fat Loss, Body Toning and overall body strength)

       (*$297. Value)

  • 10 Complimentary “FAT BURNING” Classes *Zumba,  Strong HIIT, Muscle Hustle, Ballet Barre, Stretch & ABS, Pilates, Functional Training, Kickboxing

       (*$199. Value)

  • Optional 4-week Dietician Approved meal plan,

       (*$297. Value)

  • Full Cleanse/Detox  & Success Manual ($87.)

  • 2 x “Inbody Health Scans” Tracks “before & after” Body Transformation (*$50. Value)

  • Drench Fitness app. for seamless on the go scheduling.

  • Private "Members Only" Facebook groups for inspiration, recipes and community support 

  • Personal Accountability Coach & Tribe of Inspiring Women!(**Priceless!)





*Limited time offer

*Only 12 spots available

*New Members only

*1 Promo per person

Limited time!




Unlimited Group Classes 

Unlimited group classes/month

Unlimited Group Classes Include:

Ballet Barre


Muscle Hustle

Stretch & Abs



Functional Training


Zumba HIIT

Core & Abs

Flexibility & Core

  •        You are ready to CHANGE your life

  •        You want an ACCOUNTABILITY coach

  •        You enjoy a community of EMPOWERING ladies

  •        You want to learn about NUTRITIONAL mindfulness

  •        You are ready to embrace a new LIFESTYLE

Please consider applying if...

Ready to join the Dremch Family?

You already may have learned of Drench, read reviews, seen our 400 transformations on social platforms or you've been referred by a friend or family member, then you are probably ready to start now as a Drench Member.

At this point, you may be wondering how much such a program will cost...This is typically everyone’s first question and we understand that price plays an important role in what training studio you choose to join; however, like most things in life, you get exactly what you pay for.


If you’re looking for a gym that doesn’t know your name, doesn’t care how you feel, doesn’t know your journey or challenges, has zero interest if you show up, don’t miss you if you cancel a session, aren’t there for you when need a hug or a prayer, then we may not be the best fit for you. However, If you’re looking for a fitness experience guided by a professional certified coach that truly cares about your life-long health, a strong fitness community to motivate & support you, a solid program that guarantees your results, a very flexible and consistent schedule, then let’s schedule a phone or studio consultation so we can create a Membership to fit your needs. Simply click below to schedule and let's make it happen!

We can't wait for YOU to be our next Success Story!