we understand & help you succeed

We know that most women are in search of a “quick fix” and most of us know that proper nutrition and exercise are essential to fat loss & optimal health. 

However, we understand that if there isn’t accountability, it’s very easy to fall off track or get discouraged. We also understand that women live very busy lives, juggling family & work,  that finding time to exercise can be a challenge. Lastly, we understand that once women experience positive changes, start feeling and seeing results, it increases motivation to keep going. 


Great news! We’ve designed a plan to help you stop the yo yo dieting “quick fix” plan and immerse into a a full “Lifestyle Reset”, where we help you change one habit at a time and create a reasonable routine to fit your lifestyle! Every 30 days we offer progress reports, where we track fat loss, decrease in inches and “before & after” photos, so you can visually experience your results, which will keep you motivated! 

You will also receive nutritional guidance to keep you on track & encouraged as well as effective 30 min.body toning sessions & 40 min. group classes to fit your busy schedule! 

we guarantee positive change

We can guarantee that once you experience our program, you won’t have to worry about not knowing what foods to eat, what exercises to do or how to fit fitness into your lifestyle! We’ve got you covered! 

we are family

We believe that every woman that enters our doors is family. It is by no accident that she chose DRENCH! We do not take that lightly, so we treat every member like our sister! 


Expect a hug, a warm embrace or a genuine high five... we care and we are eternally grateful you entrusted us with your health. It’s a privilege to serve ️

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